Why Mabe?

In the spirit of continued improvement, mabe continues to create and innovate products that make household chores easy through simplified technology. Ensuring every home works so that people’s lives keep working.

Our Values


We are open to listening and integrating other perspectives in a context of learning and collaboration.


We recognize the dignity and value of people as well as the environment, and build relationships of trust.


We give the best of ourselves, we fulfill and we are proud to belong to the company.


We do what we say and say what we do in harmony with what we believe as a company.


Lead by example, we act with rectitude and integrity.


About Us

Mabe was founded in Mexico City in 1946 by Egon Mabardi and Francisco Berrondo. Originally established as a kitchen furniture manufacturing company, by 1953 mabe had expanded operations, introducing the first cooking range with the mabe mark. In the spirit of ongoing achievement, 7 years later mabe produced the world’s first refrigerators featuring plastic interiors and grown its distribution network across the USA and the Caribbean.

A key milestone in the global growth of mabe came in 1987 with a strategic and technological partnership with GE.

Today, mabe innovates, manufactures and distributes over 9,000,000 products under 16 brands to over 78 countries around the world.